Electrical Detection: 3 Telltale Warning Signs of Dangerous Home Wiring

20 April 2015
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Most people don't give a second thought to the electrical wiring that's behind their walls—until the wiring starts demanding attention by causing electrical havoc in your home, especially if it's old and damaged.

With a multitude of modern devices and electrical equipment utilising far more electricity than ever before, old wiring in the house may get overloaded and spark a fire. Fire not only causes property damage, but it can even lead to death in some unfortunate cases. Hiring electricians can prevent these hazards if you recognise and address some telltale warning signs in time.

Frayed Wires

Wires can start to fray for a number of reasons − they may have aged over time, they may have been corroded because of some internal wall leak, they may have been exposed to excess heat or they may have simply bent and started to fray. Sometimes, small accidents like nails can cause wires to fray. Don't forget those pesky rodents who may have chewed on your electrical wiring.

Frayed wires will expose the electrical components inside, which may spark a fire when electricity runs through them. Warm areas or scorch marks around the wiring area or electrical outlets are strong indications that the wiring has frayed. Frayed wires are extremely dangerous and should be replaced by professional electricians.

Circuit Breakers Regularly Trip

If a circuit breaker trips once in awhile, it may be because of a sudden jolt of electricity and shouldn't give you much cause to worry. Sometimes you may even notice your lights dim before the circuit breaker trips. But if you are constantly compelled to reset the circuit breakers in your home, it may be a clear sign that your electrical circuits are overloaded. Licensed electricians can assess the electrical load on your circuits and will be able to recommend changes and improvements accordingly.

Smoke Around Electrical Outlets

Smoke in a home is a worrying sign, especially if it isn't from your cooking. Smoke emanating from an electrical outlet or appliance is a sure sign that trouble is about to befall. Smoke may be caused because the appliance or electrical outlet is overheating because of improper supply of electricity.

At the first hint of any smoke in your home, turn off all your appliances and even your main circuit breaker till the electricians manage to identify the cause of the smoke problem.

These telltale warning signs are clear signs that your home has an electrical malfunction. Handling it on your own is simply not a solution, because of the dangers it poses to your life. Electricians are well trained and properly equipped to handle these problems professionally and efficiently, so you can go back to your carefree lifestyle.