Radiant Lighting: 4 High-impact Lighting Details to Illuminate a Living Room

21 April 2015
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Thinking about a quick living room upgrade? Before you decide to update your furniture or replace your floors, consider the impact of the lighting in your living room. Lighting leaves an impression on the design quality of your home and is perhaps one of the most economical ways of upgrading without shattering your budget.

When done right, lighting creates the perfect light composition to deliver a well-lit lifestyle. Here are some high-impact lighting details to illuminate a living room. Discuss them with professionals like Barry Allen Electrical Services and set yourself on the path of illumination.

Ambient Lights

Every living room requires general lighting fixtures to set the ambience in the room. When they are turned on, they illuminate the entire living room. Ambient lights are usually used to replace sunlight and the level of lighting can be controlled based on your personal taste and requirements.

Talk to your electrician about creating ambient light from an inconspicuous or visible source. For example, perhaps you want your lighting source to be placed behind a cabinet, so the fixture goes unnoticed. Ambient light fixtures for the living room are usually wall-mounted lights, fluorescent bulbs, track lights, pendant lights and incandescent bulbs.

Task Lights

Every living room should have special task lights that serve different functionalities. For example, if you want to read in your living room corner without the need for ambient lighting, a task light like a reading lamp will serve your purpose perfectly. Similarly, if you are working at night, a simple table lamp will reduce your eyestrain without the need for switching on every light in the living room. Task lights not only serve the purpose of a specific need, but they also help reduce your electricity consumption since only a small light is on at a time.

Accent Lights

Your living room will do well to incorporate accent lights to highlight particular ornaments and fixtures that you're especially proud of—perhaps a painting or picture frame or maybe even your college degree. Accent lights are typically smaller LED lights that provide illumination to a particular object to highlight it. If you would like to incorporate accent lights to illuminate certain fixtures in the living room, check with your electrician about installing a specific electrical source for specialised accent lights.

Decorative Lights

You can install aesthetically-pleasing and functional decorative lights for your living room. Decorative lights like pendant lights, chandeliers and wall-mounted lamps are all decorative lights that serve the dual purpose of lighting and beauty. They can make your living room appear grand and luxurious.