How Underground Mining Services Can Better Protect The Environment

23 April 2015
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When you manage an underground mining services company or have called one to work a mine you own, you may want to ensure that you're doing everything you can to protect the environment during the mining process. Mining can be very disturbing to the surrounding habitat of the area being mined, and it also usually requires a tremendous amount of water for creating mine shafts and tunnels. To better protect the environment during underground mining, note a few simple tips that you or your contracted company should consider.

1. Use selective clearing

To work an underground mine, tree roots and other vegetation often need to be removed so they don't interfere with mine shafts and tunnels. Selective clearing can do the least amount of damage to the environment. An environmental expert who works with mining companies can help determine the best areas for selective clearing and can also help a mining company to replant certain trees and vegetation in surrounding areas for maximum benefit. After mine tunnels and shafts are built or after a mine is closed, replenishing natural vegetation can also help to protect the environment and keep soil and groundwater healthy.

2. Recycle water

One way to drill through hardened soil is to soften it with water, but mining companies often bring in fresh water to have this done. The water used before blasting can often be recycled so that less fresh water is used. Using fewer natural resources like water is always a good choice for preserving and protecting the environment.

3. Create more natural ventilation

A mine usually has fresh air pumped into shafts and tunnels for workers to breathe, and this means a tremendous amount of power being used by generators. These generators in turn produce large amounts of pollution as they're often gas-powered. Creating more natural ventilation shafts may mean more work for a mining services company, but it can mean that less air needs to be pumped into the mine and in turn, less pollution created by generators.

4. Sealing off gasses

Gasses like carbon monoxide and methane are not meant to escape the underground areas where they're contained, as they can be very damaging to surrounding wildlife and vegetation. Adding additional seals to areas where harmful gasses are found can be more work and expense for an underground mining services company, but it can be the best choice for preserving the environment around the mine.

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