Electrical Safety Tips Around the Household

27 April 2015
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It is safe to say that in any given household, there will be the use of at least one electrical appliance in the course of the day. Electricity is just as much a staple in our lives as is water and shelter. For this reason, most people tend to forget that there are still major potential risks that surround the use of electricity for the basic functioning of a household. To ensure that you are not in dire need of a 24-hour emergency electrician (such as 861 Electrical Services) more often than you should be, here are some electrical safety tips to keep in mind. By following these tips and having your children in the know, you greatly reduce the risk of being exposed to electrical hazards.

Safety Tips for Appliances

There are numerous appliances in our homes that make life easier for us on a daily basis. However, not taking care of them in the appropriate manner will not only diminish their shelf life but you could also be creating a safety hazard in your home.

  1. All appliances that emanate heat, such as televisions, computers and more, should be raised a couple of inches off the surface that they are placed on. This is to ensure that there is sufficient air circulation to enable the appliance to stay cool when it is in use.
  2. Never drape clothes or other items on appliances that generate heat.
  3. Store combustible items such as toys, plastics and more a safe distance away from heat emitting appliances such as radiators and heating vents.

Safety Tips for Power Cords

Most electrical appliances have power cords. The only way to eliminate these from your home is to opt for wireless appliances.

  1. Regularly check your power cords for any frays of cuts in their length. If these are left unchecked, then the wiring inside is exposed and this could be an electrical emergency waiting to happen.
  2. Always ensure power cords fit snugly into the electrical outlet they are being plugged into. Loose fitting cords that can be easily pulled out or that wiggle when in use could electrocute someone.

Safety Tips with Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are one of the electrical appliances that can be found in every home. Despite that, not many people know how best to take care of them.

  1. Always ensure you are using the right wattage.  If the bulb is of a higher wattage than the fixture, then your light fixtures could end up overheating and burning out.
  2. Ensure bulbs are screwed on tightly before use. Loosely screwed bulbs pose an electrical hazard, as they will cause sparks or even a short circuit.