Key Considerations When Choosing Commercial LED Lights

19 November 2015
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Due to its multiple benefits, a lot of businesses are switching to commercial LED lighting. This is one bandwagon that you should definitely get on as a business owner. As you consider LED light installations, there are certain things that you must take into consideration.


Always begin with the end in mind. Have a meeting with your electrician and discuss with him or her what you would like to achieve by installing these LED lights.

Since LED lights have a wide range of flexibility and functionality, these objectives may go beyond the traditional ones of having adequate lighting and saving money on power bills. You may want to include interesting light displays and use these LED lights to create a certain ambience for your business.

Be sure to give a detailed description of these lighting features so that you and your electrician are on the same page before starting the work.


Lumens are the measurement of how much light is being emitted from a light source. This varies based on the brand of LED chip in the bulb, the colour of the light, and type of materials constituting the light housing. Note that lumens do not necessarily reflect the wattage of a bulb. You could get a 10 watt LED bulb from two different manufacturers that will emit different amounts of light.

Since one of the main objectives of using LED lighting is to reduce your power bill, you will have to use the right bulbs based on their watts, lumens range and brand to suit the business, while cutting down on power use as much as possible. Your electrician should be able to advise you accordingly on this.


With LED lighting you get to have a wider variety of colours and hues that you can use for your business. Having differently coloured lights can work well in creating the right ambience for your business or for changing the mood for special occasions.

If you need LED lights for general lighting, there are various colour temperatures within the white colour spectrum that will determine how bright your space will be. These temperatures range from Interna, which is quite a warm ambient colour, to Super Daylight which gives a very bright white colour.

Apart from the ambience, your colour choice will also determine how much power you will use. For instance, if you replace Super Daylight colour with Interna, you may have to raise the watts of your bulbs to achieve the same light output. You should certainly discuss your options with your electrician to ensure you are making the right choice.