Why Regular Electrical Wiring Inspections Are Important

10 December 2015
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If you own or manage a commercial building, then you are aware of the responsibility you have to ensure the safety of the people working in your building. Hiring a professional commercial electrician to do your electrical wiring is the first step in ensuring their safety. The next step is to have regular electrical wiring inspections (twice a year should do). These are the reasons why:

Preventive measure

Having regular electrical wiring inspections will ensure that problems with the wiring are detected early and corrected before they cause major damages to appliances and the building, or even worse, injury to the occupants.

For instance, it is expected that over time, electrical wirings will wear out and start to fray around the edges. Should a person accidentally come into contact with these frayed wires, they could get electrocuted or start an electrical fire in the building. An electrical wiring inspection can ensure that incidents like these don't happen.

State regulations

The initial electrical wiring for your building may have been in accordance with the state regulation. However, as the wires wear out with time, your building may be found to be non-compliant which could bring up a lot of problems with the state's regulating authority. This is because of the number of people that may potentially be in danger by simply accessing your building.

To avoid the hassle and costs of being non-compliant with state regulations, have a regular electrical wiring inspection done for your building. You too will have peace of mind knowing that the people working in your building are safe from any electrical incidents.

Saving Money

When your building's wiring has a problem, the electrical appliances and lighting will not perform as well as they should. Eventually, everything attached to the power line could get damaged and you may end up with a huge electrical repairs and replacements bill on your hands. You may have to replace all the lighting in your building, which is quite expensive, and in some cases, compensate the building's occupants for damages to their electrical appliances. All this can be avoided by a thorough inspection of the building's electrical wiring.

Building's value

Your building is an investment and you should do everything you can to increase its value in the property markets. Regular electrical wiring inspections can help you do that. Not only will they guarantee the safety and compliance of your building to state regulation, they will also ensure that your wiring is up to date with current trends, making it more marketable since most buyers prefer a building that needs the least amount of upgrading as possible.