When Is It Time to Upgrade the Wiring In Your Older Home?

23 March 2016
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As a homeowner, you may not ever think of your older home's electrical systems until the power goes out, but it's vital that you upgrade the wiring of your home as needed, even if it still has power. This is because old, outdated wiring can be a safety hazard, not just an annoyance. Note when and why it may be time to upgrade the wiring in your older home.

1. If your home has aluminum wiring

Copper wiring is considered a good choice for homes today, but older homes may still have aluminum wiring. The connectors of aluminum wiring are often considered of poor quality as they loosen up over time. They may then cause sparks and electrical fires. You can have an electrician check to see if your home has aluminum wiring, but a contractor who needs to remove a wall for any reason may note that your wiring is aluminum. If so, consider calling an electrician to have the wiring or at least the connectors updated, even if the wiring is delivering electrical power.

2. If you own a computer, large-screen TV, central air conditioner, and the like

Many decades ago, homes didn't need to provide power for much more than a small television, small kitchen appliances, and a few fans. Today, however, families typically own computers, large-screen televisions, central air conditioners, oversized refrigerators, ranges with more than four burners, and the like. If your older home is delivering no more than sixty amps of power, a very typical amount many decades ago, you could actually be damaging those electrical devices. Running them on low power can put more wear and tear on their components. You home should have about 200 amps of power, something you can only get with updated wiring, to support all of today's standard electrical devices.

3. If your circuit box is rusted

The box or panel for your home's circuits may get rusted over time, as it's exposed to humidity and as the metal from which it's made simply ages. If the box is old and rusty, chances are the wiring is old as well. If you're considering replacing the circuit panel, something you should think about once it shows signs of age, you might consider upgrading the wiring at the same time. This will ensure all electrical components of your home are in good repair. For more information, talk to a professional residential electrical installations.