Summer Electrical Hazards to Be Aware Of

20 June 2016
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There are electrical hazards in and around your home all year, but there are some unique ones in the summertime. In order to avoid hazards and protect your home and family, follow these electrical safety tips when the weather gets hot.

Have Trees Too Close to Power Lines

You should never have trees that are close to power lines, but this is an even bigger risk in the summer. This is because during the summer, your kids are often home and playing outside, which might include wanting to climb trees or build a tree fort. If a tree is close to power lines, your kids are at a great risk for electrocution. It is best to trim any trees that reach close to the power lines or, better yet, cut them down in those areas.

Use Electronics Around Swimming Pools

In the summertime, your family probably uses swimming pools regularly, whether you have a little above-ground pool or an in-ground swimming pool. Make sure you are extra cautious and don't allow any electronic devices, equipment, or appliances even close to the pool. Be extra careful when you have a radio plugged in outside during a pool day with the kids, or if you are using your laptop while supervising the kids in the pool. Make sure if your kids have electrical toys or games, they stay away from all outdoor sources of water, including pools and sprinklers.

Use Weatherproof Outlet Covers

A common issue with summer and electrical hazards is that power tools and electric gardening tools are used more often. You probably spend more times working on yard work and gardening, doing outdoor renovations, or plugging in extension cords for various outdoor activities. If you do this, make sure your outdoor outlets are set up properly. They need to have weatherproof outlet covers, as well as use a ground fault circuit interrupter with each one. Consult an electrician to install safer exterior outlets if needed.

Keep Cords Away From Water

You might also be using power tools or extension cords near areas of water in your backyard, which also become electrical hazards. For example, make sure your dog's water bowls are in a different area than where your extension cord will be. If you had a summer rain, avoid using your power tools until the ground has dried completely.

Make sure you consult an electrician if you are concerned with your home's electrical system or to find out if you have other hazards around the home.