How to Go Green When Installing CCTV Protection

5 November 2018
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If you have sprawling premises to look after, you may feel as if you need eyes in the back of your head from a security perspective. You know that risks come in all shapes and forms and that should something untoward happen, you need to have some evidence to go after the perpetrator for compensation. You are aware that CCTV cameras can help you with these problems, but you're also trying to cut down as much as possible so that you can be a more environmentally friendly citizen. Hence, you face a bit of a dilemma. You realise that you need to introduce several of these units but don't want to add to the size of your carbon footprint, so how should you proceed?

Careful Selection

The good news is that you do not need to compromise your potential security as you worry about your green credentials. With a little bit of planning and careful selection, you can choose CCTV camera units that are absolutely fit for the purpose while using less energy from multiple perspectives.

Durability and Reliability

For example, if you need to install cameras outside, then you should make sure that they are housed within an appropriate outer casing so they are weather-resistant and will last a long time. They should also be resistant to vandalism and will be more reliable, meaning less repair work and an initial "tick" in the sustainability column.

Avoid False Alarms

Be careful to choose a model that is carefully configured when it comes to video motion detection. Many cameras rely on a trigger to start recording, but these incidents will often be false alarms. Instead, choose a camera that will only spring into action if it detects an object of a certain size or only capture images within certain filter-defined detection lines. If you do this, your car can walk around to its heart's content without needless energy consumption.

Cut Down on Expenses

If you do need to monitor several different locations, make sure that you have a central processing facility so that you don't have to travel needlessly to respond to any alert. Introduce an app to your phone so you can view the feed from each camera in real time without the need for unnecessary energy consumption.


Finally, have a look at the camera itself and make sure that it was made with energy-saving strategies in mind. Most companies who consider themselves to be sustainable will be proud to tell you this within their marketing materials.

Don't Forget Installation

When you are ready to select your models, make sure that you choose an electrician who also believes in helping the environment and will practice what they preach as they install your units. For more information, get in touch with a company such as Watters Electrical & Solar.