4 Signs Its Time to Call Your Local Appliance Repair Expert

23 February 2022
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Appliance repairs can seem pretty intimidating to many homeowners. However, DIY enthusiasts might try cutting corners to save money by fixing their appliances themselves. Faults in your appliances can range from simple and easily repairable malfunctions to extensive and hazardous problems. Whichever the case, it's always important to know the common signs that it's time to call your appliance repair expert. 

Continue reading to learn some of the tell-tale signs that your home appliance needs immediate repair solutions.

A Burning Smell from Your Appliance

Most home appliances rely on electrical power to function. However, internal components might short circuit and burn out, which, in turn, emits smoke or a burning smell. If your appliance stops functioning and you smell something burning, it's an obvious sign that internal components have short-circuited. 

This issue can be hazardous, and it would be wise to disconnect the appliance from the wall sockets to prevent potential electrical fires. Above all, whether it's a burning smell or the presence of smoke coming from your appliance, contact your electrical repair expert immediately for professional repairs.

Unusually High Utility Bills     

Generally, every homeowner knows the average cost of utility bills they settle monthly. However, if your monthly utility bills suddenly skyrocket, it might mean certain appliances are overworking to get the job done. The two common culprits are faulty AC units and dryers with malfunctioning heaters. 

While the colder winter season typically causes an increase in power bills, an unusually higher than standard electrical bill indicates a problem with your appliances, especially the cooling and heating equipment. Consider scheduling an immediate appliance repair to fix the damage if this happens. 

Abnormal Noises from the Appliance

Most appliances produce a certain degree of noise that are termed normal. For instance, cooling appliances like refrigerators and freezers produce moderate humming sounds. On the other hand, washing machines, mincers and dishwashers are relatively noisy when running. 

However, if your appliances start producing weird and abnormal noises, that might symbolise a problem. If your appliances start to rattle, buzz or scrape irregularly, it's a significant cause for alarm. Never ignore these noises. Instead, contact your appliance repair specialist when this happens for troubleshooting and repair. 

Excessive Moisture Build-Up

The presence of excess moisture on your appliance's surfaces can cause mould growth and numerous other hygienic concerns. Generally, you can notice moisture build-up under washing machines, inside refrigerators and on your air conditioning units. Therefore, if you notice excessive moisture build-up, contact your local appliance repair specialist for troubleshooting and repair service. 


If you notice these signs on your home appliances, know that something isn't right somewhere. Instead of attempting the repairs yourself, contact your local appliance repair service immediately to diagnose the problem and repair the equipment to prevent further damage or costly replacements.