Two reasons for the rising popularity of smart home automation systems

15 March 2023
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Here are two reasons for the rising popularity of smart home automation systems.

They can increase a home's value without the homeowner having to carry out major renovations

Whilst there are lots of ways to add value to a home, many of the most common methods (such as building extensions, swimming pools or modernising the kitchen) require major construction work. This construction work can disrupt a homeowner's life for quite some time. One reason for the rapid rise in the popularity of these systems is that they have the potential to add value to the homes they're fitted in, without the homeowners having to carry out major renovations. Potential buyers nowadays are aware of the usefulness of smart home automation systems, and the conveniences that this technology can provide within a home environment. These systems can, for example, allow homeowners to manage their cooking appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning and music systems from their smartphones. Given this, if a potential buyer has to choose between buying two similar homes, and the main difference between them is that one of them has a smart home system fitted and the other doesn't, it's very likely that they'll choose the one that has this technology.

However, unlike the aforementioned construction projects, this technology, which has the potential to boost a home's value, is far easier to add to a property. An experienced electrician might, for instance, take just a day or two to install this type of system in a home, and could carry out this work with a minimal amount of disruption to the homeowner's daily activities and with very little construction-related mess. As such, many homeowners who plan to sell their properties in the future are opting to have this technology added to their homes.

Far more people work from home nowadays

Another reason why smart home automation has grown in popularity is that many more people now work from home. This is largely due to advances in technology and the widespread availability of internet access, which have made it much easier for employers to allow some of their staff to work remotely and for entrepreneurs to run their businesses from their own homes.

Because far more people are spending the majority of their days in their homes, they are more interested in adding features to their properties that will make their daily lives more comfortable and easier overall. If, for example, a person who works from home gets an electrician to add this technology to their property, they could adjust the temperature of their home interior in seconds by using their phone, without having to step away from their computer where they're working. They could also use this system to make their at-home work environment more pleasant, by controlling the lighting and their music speakers with their smartphone. 

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